Tag Manual PayPal Feed same as the Automatic One

Hi, Ive uploaded manually 4 months of paypal tranasctions and Im wondering if there is a way for QuickFile to tag them the same way as it is doing the new feeds that it is pulling from Paypal?

With new ones it is downloading transaction, creating invoices and customers - that way its much easier to find them.

Also now I have 99% of paypal transactions untagged and I would really like to go through only the ones that are not sales to ebay customers to clear everything up.

Bulk tagging would be your best bet here, there’s no way to apply the same tagging routine used in the feed to PayPal items uploaded from a CSV.

Thats fine but I need to create one customer for all of them? Should I just create paypal sales customer and bulk tag them there?

Yes I would just create one customer and call it something like “PayPal Sales”, you can pay them all to that client then. Using the bulk tagging method you can create 50 invoices at a time from the payment records.

One more question maybe a bit off the topic - Do you think its better in general to just get the monthly total sales amount from paypal and tag it once per month. I wanted to have each transaction to be able to send invoice to customers but I think this way its more confusing for accounting purposes (I can always use other software to create invoice)


I would definitely recommend this if possible, you can end up tying yourself in knots with the PayPal feed, it can be very time consuming to explain all the adjustments.

If you can do away with the need to issue invoices for PayPal customers from QuickFile, keying in bulk sales is the way to go.


ok but what about purchases that you pay with paypal? They must be recorded in quickfile to be able to make vat returns properly.

Is there a way to ‘take them off’ the paypal total sale import?

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