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I’m currently trying to get my books up to date…

I run a Taxi Co. … And I have several hundred fuel receipts from the same ‘Supplier’…

It seems to me that at the moment I have to create a ‘purchase’ for every single fuel receipt because the screen insists on a date of transaction.

Is there a way I can just file all the receipts on one page and add the date in a drop box, or something similar ?

I’ve looked in Help Files… and other places, but had no joy !

Am I missing something … or is it a feature that needs adding ?


I suppose what you could do, is say at the end of a week create one purchase with a line for each individual receipt. However, I’m not sure if this is 100% correct in terms of accounting.

I’d imagine as long as your one purchase doesn’t include receipts from 2 accounting periods or 2 VAT periods, you should be ok. Hopefully someone will back me up/correct me though

Sounds like the simplest solution would to be use a fuel account so you just have a monthly invoice for all fuel used in the month.

Yes, open the page for your fuel supplier, click “create new” then “bulk purchase entry”.

This will let you enter details for all your receipts in one table:

Hope this helps


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