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Tag one payment to two invoices - diff clients


I issue two customers an invoice each every month for their companies. They pay me one amount £500 for the two invoices (£250 each) from the same bank account.

I have my Starling feed set up and the payments are there waiting for me to tag them. However, I cannot tag one payment to two separate invoices as they are separate customers. If I look for the first company and tag it the amount of £250 then there is still £250 left to tag but no way to tag it to the other invoice.

I can’t figure out a way to sort this out. Am I missing something? Thanks.

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Manually tag the two invoices as paid from the Cheque Holding Account and tag the bank transaction as a transfer.

I prefer to manually tag invoices paid by cheque as the Cheque Holding Account tells me what little pieces of paper are waiting to be banked. Very useful when one cheque went down the back of a cupboard.

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Cool. Thanks for the help FolkLondon. Seems to have done the job I think.

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