Tag purchase receipts against sales invoices

New to quickfile and apologies if this question has been asked, but I cannot find the answer. If I purchase an item for a particular job, for example a pack of flooring to install for a customer, can I link that purchase receipt to the customers sales invoice so that I can easily explain which job the flooring was purchased for. Hope I have explained correctly and thanks in advance

Yes, explained perfectly!

I’m not sure if this will help but you can link them together using project tags. In the preview of both the purchase and the sales invoice you can hover over the item and apply a tag. You can also use projects to see profitability on a particular job.

The project tagging process is explained here.

I have similar interest but requirement is to use inventory item supplied by a particular supplier with corresponding purchase invoice and then sell the inventory item knowing it was from a specific suppler. But i think this is about stock control which QF are considing