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Just getting started with quickfile… going ok but I’ve hit a snag to which I can’t find the answer on either knowledge base or archived topics. If anyone can help I’d be grateful.

I have paid in cash at my bank from two sales which is now showing as one banking entry on my uploaded statement. I need to tag the bank entry to each of the sales invoices. Is this possible and if so how?
Thanks, Robert

Hi @RPHandy

Am I right in assuming that you’ve taken cash payment for 2 sales, and now you’ve deposited the funds into your bank account?

If so, how do you log your sales currently? Do you log them to individual clients (“Bob the Builder” and “Mr C Jones” for example) or bulk them together (“Daily Sales”)?

Yes, I’ve been paid in cash for two jobs and paid the money into my bank as a lump sum. I’ve been logging sales to individual clients so far and would like continue without having to deposit ‘one job at a time’ when paying in to my bank.

The correct way to achieve this would be to record this in 2 steps.

Firstly, you would mark each job as paid from the Petty Cash bank account, which would account for the cash you have.

Then, when you deposit the funds into your bank, you would simply record a bank transfer from petty cash to your Current Account.

For example, let’s say I have 2 clients, and I invoice one for £25, and one for £75. They both pay me cash, so in my petty cash account, I would create 2 bank transactions and tag them to their related invoices, like so:

Then, when I deposit the funds into my bank account, I create a bank transfer for the full amount I deposit (in this case, £100):

This will also create a bank transaction in my current account to match it. This then reflects my bank statement too.

Although both clients paid on different days in my example, if they did pay on the same day, I would still need to record 2 bank transactions as each transaction can only be for 1 client.

I hope that helps?

Ok I understand… I think. I will now work it through and make sure I can make sense of the process. Thanks for your help.

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I’ve done it and it all worked, except that having made a transfer from petty cash to my current account, it is now showing as a double entry in my bank statement (because it was already showing as an entry from when I uploaded my bank account). I guess I’ve done something wrong but I’m not sure what…?

What you can do in this case is, instead of adding a new manual entry for the transfer, just tag the existing transfer as a transfer from petty cash.

So when you upload your bank statement, you may have an entry such as Cash deposit @ Branch Name, just click ‘Tag Me!’, select Transfer Between Accounts and select Petty Cash, and that creates both parts of it, and there’s no need to manually enter it.

As you have 2 now, I’d assume one is untagged. If so, I would simply delete the untagged one. As long as your bank balance matches what you actually have, then you should be all good :slight_smile:

I get it now. Thanks very much

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