Tagging a payment to a supplier with credits

I have paid and applied several credits from previous months to a supplier. This was from the Purchase Management screen. Unfortunately I am still left with an untagged item in the Bank statement screen.
What I don’t want to do is to mess up the applied credits. How do tag the bank statement item?

If you paid down the invoices from the purchase management screen then this would have created tagged entries in your nominated bank account. The untagged duplicates (possibly imported from the feed) are redundant now and can be deleted.

It does not seem to be the case, Glenn. I have checked the bank accounts for tagged duplicates and there appears to be none. I may have missed the obvious though? The credits were due to overpayments and were applied over 3 months.
I have applied your recommendations on keeping bank accounts clean so reconciliation is easy to apply. I tried to apply the strategy to this transaction but it did not seem to work!

I’m seeing two payments of £299.64, one on the 31/10/2014 which was applied manually and one for 08/01/2015 that seems to have been imported from your bank.

Presumably the latter one is correct and there was actually no payment made from your bank on 31/10/2014?

I do apologise I didn’t think in terms of looking back that far.
I have detagged the 31/10/2014 and deleted the payment and tagged today’s transaction and it applied the credits correctly.
Thanks for your help Glenn

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