Tagging a purchase on behalf of a client

Hi I have tried a search but not finding what I need. I have a client for whom I did architectural work and this included finding a kitchen and bathroom set. They paid me for these into my business account and I paid the supplier once the cash had cleared. I made an invoice to the client of course and matched that to the payment that went into my account. I am now trying to tag the kitchen and the bathroom purchases but can not find anything suitable in the drop down list of tags. Can someone please explain the best way to tag such purchases you buy on behalf of a client?

What you get “out of the box” in terms of nominal categories is fairly general and not tailored to any specific business type. There is however a useful catch-all category you can use called “General Purchases”, this is useful for cost of sales, i.e. any expenses incurred on materials or services that form part of your finished product

If you want to have more distinction in your accounts you can create your own additional nominal codes. Something like this would work:

Once created you can then use these categories in your purchases.

Glenn thanks a lot for your speedy reply. I will just do as you suggest and use the General Purchases category. Very impressed with the software in general :slight_smile:


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