Tagging a refund transaction

Hi. I have tried to tag a 50p refund from a supplier but when I click on “Refund from a supplier” on the tagging option, and type in the supplier’s name on the “Allocate to Supplier”, it come sup with a “no qualifying purchase could be found to refund against” when I have already created and logged the purchase to which the refund relates - and the amounts are exactly the same. How can I resolve this?

Many thanks

It looks like the refund actually came before the payment on the bank. This is why it’s not appearing in the list of options as it will only show invoices that predate the refund. Are you sure the dates on the bank are correct?

Oh OK, yes that is odd, not sure why the supplier has posted it like that. Is there any way to rectify it?

You can manually refund the invoice.

  1. Go to the original invoice preview
  2. Click the credit note button.
  3. Now change the date on the Credit Note to 6th November.

  1. Save.
  2. Check the option refund money and set the bank account to the appropriate option.
  3. Save
  4. This will create a duplicate refund entry on the bank, go back to the bank and delete the UNTAGGED entry.

I think this will work!

It has, brilliant, thank you very much.

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