Tagging a single receipt against multiple bank transactions

I use the feature of paying down multiple invoices against a single bank transaction often. But now I have a supplier who sent a single invoice but charged for it with multiple bank transactions. The sum of the bank transactions equals the single invoice. (e.g. one invoice for £3150, and bank payments for £3000 and £150)

What’s the best way to deal with this?

My initial thought was just to add the same invoice twice via the receipt hub, once with a value of £3000 and once with a value of £150 and then tag the two separate bank transactions against those.

I just wondered if there was a more ‘integrated’ way of doing it?


Hello @Magicbean

You would just tag each bank transaction to the invoice using the pay down multiple invoices option

For example

I have an invoice for £55 and supplier pays 2 payments one for £50 and the other for £5

Bank > Tag the £50 payment > Pay Supplier > Pay down multiple > Select Supplier > Select the invoice
Repeat for the £5 payment

Hi @QFSteve ,

Ah got it - I didn’t realise it worked that way round too. Thank you.

Yeah, the “pay down multiple invoices” option covers you for any situation where the payment value does not exactly match the total of a single recent invoice/purchase:

  • one payment covering more than one purchase
  • part payments towards a single larger purchase
  • payment in advance for something that has not yet been invoiced (assign the payment to the supplier account, then when the invoice comes in you log payment → apply from credit)
  • cases where the purchase is dated many months before the payment - the initial search for purchases with a matching amount only looks a few months into the past, you have to “pay down multiple” and select the supplier in order to see older unpaid purchase options.
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