Tagging an imported bank transaction where invoice already paid

I want to log a payment against an invoice and send the client a receipt so I do it manually from the invoice screen.
Later I import the same transaction from my bank account but I can’t tag it because the invoice isn’t outstanding anymore.

So how do I tag the transaction which is sitting in the bank statement with a red “tag me” button next to it?
Thanks for the help.

You don’t need to tag it, just delete it (The new untagged entry).

The payment has already been accounted for and should already be on the bank.

OK I considered that but I want to keep the detailed transaction description as it appears on a bank statement. I wondered if there was an easy way other than copying and pasting it over the existing one or deleting the manual entry after the automatic import.

To retain the description imported on the statement you would need to delete the existing payment on the invoice that was lodged manually, return to the bank statement view and then tag that payment to the invoice.

When you go to tag the bank entry it should identify the invoice automatically and allow you to match it.

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