Tagging and display format

Create a rule to process matching transactions in the same way

This rule doesn’t appear to tag all the transactions of the same name. If you then go through to bulk tag these payment and then attempt to go back to the statement page using the back button shown you are taken to the bank management page ! little frustrating as you have to navigate back through again.
If date view is altered to oldest first within the statement page (using the reference icon) this bulk tagging sequence then takes you back to the previous ‘newest first’ display format.

It would very useful if you were just taken back to the same point / page you were at when clicking the back button at any point rather than to the upper levels ??


It won’t go back and tag previously entered transactions, it should however be applied to newly created transactions. Have you entered (or uploaded from CSV) a new transaction since creating the rule?

I’m not sure I understand the problem here. Here are the steps I’ve used.

  1. On the bank statement click to sort by date ascending.
  2. Select several items on the first page.
  3. Click to bulk tag items.
  4. Tag as a sales (although it shouldn’t make a difference how they are tagged).
  5. Save…

The page remains the same just the selected items are tagged. What are you doing differently?

This is true but once your done with bulk tagging and click the back button to return to the statement back it takes you to the bank management page instead and you still have to navigate to the point you were last at before carrying out the bulk tagging.

I’m also still finding that on occasions the search for similar does not seem to find all the transactions, unless the transaction description is ‘exactly’ the same.

The bulk tagging is dialogue box on the same screen as the statement, you should never need to use the back button. Also when you’ve just tagged a bunch of items, that box closes anyway and you remain in the statement view.

Search similar will find all transactions that start with any characters (exc numbers) that you’re searching from.

For example if you have Viking Invoice 1024, clicking search similar on this transaction will find all other items starting with Viking Invoice, i.e. it stops at the numbers. Do you have any specific examples where that is not happening?