Tagging and reporting disallowed expenses for Self-Assessments

Been considerimg what would be needed to start moving Quickfile towards supporting self-assessment. One of the great features of VT Accounts is the COA differentiating between allowable and disallowable expenses for filing purposes. I was wondering whether it would be possible to achieve the same functionality by adding a extra fields to all the purchases. A percentage field defaulting to 100 % to indicate a 100% allowable expenses. Change to 0% for 100% disallowable and, of course, anything in-between for partials ( e.g. mobile phones). Perhaps an extra TB report then analysing balances into allowable and dis-allowable with a CSV export and drill-down…
Then after lunch perhaps you could…:slight_smile:

We have not really focused on the professional accounting area of the software, as we have quite a lot on our plate at the moment, although we do have plans to progress tools in this area, it will not be for a quite a while.