Tagging and search option in banking

Can u pls tell me

1, the maximum number of tags u can attach to invoice, estimate etc. I find that it wont let me add more than 5 tags. Or how to add more pls.

2, When I am in Banking section. Say I am looking for an entry of £100. to do this i have to enter it Amount Range From To .

This means u have to write it twice. Is there anyway of making it easy so u only write amount once to search?

Indeed is there an option to search in whole data and not just banking.

Thank u and Happy New Year to everyone. Suresh Rajpura

  1. 5 tags per invoice/estimate is the limit.

  2. Yes, you would need to enter both if you want an exact match, the idea is to also let users just enter one and so specify a range, e.g. if you just enter 100 in the “from” box and leave the “to” it would search £100 and above.

Will be happy to consider your suggestions further if other users find this to be of interest.

Happy New Year to you!