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Tagging as "payment from a customer" and creating an invoice

When I tag a bank entry as “payment from a customer” there are a couple of issues:

(a) shouldn’t this be “payment from a client”? It seems that, everywhere else in QF, we refer to these entities as “clients” not “customers” and it should be consistent here?

(b) when I’ve selected “payment from a customer/client”, I then select the option to “create a new invoice”… I start typing the client name, but it then seems to be showing me both clients and suppliers… see screenshot below:


I have Stripe in the system both as a Client (for recording sales revenue received from Stripe) and separately as a Supplier (for recording payment of processing fees paid to Stripe).

Surely when selecting “payment from a customer/client” I should only be shown actual clients in this dialog, not suppliers? I can only distinguish between the two by adding CLIENT to the reference on the Client record (though the reference from the Supplier record isn’t shown in this dialog).

Is it possible that you setup TWO customers under the the name Stripe Payment UK Ltd

No, there is only one client/customer with this name. I’ve checked under both active and deleted. There is just one client with this name and one supplier, and they both show up in the “select a client” dialog as shown above.

Hi @drmrbrewer

have you checked whether you have a contact name saved against the client? I suspect it is pulling this through as well.

For example I have just carried out some testing on this with the following results:
As you can see, I have a client called “Client Name” with a contact added to them called “Contact Name”

When I then go into the “Select a Client” screen it brings up both the Client Name and the Contact Name.


If this still isn’t what you’re experiencing, please get back in touch and I’ll take a further look into this for you.

@QFSian there are no contact names saved against this client.

Hi @drmrbrewer

I’ve done a quick test on this, and I can confirm that both results are a client, and both are the same client in this case.

It’s returned twice, because it’s matched twice - once on name, once on account reference. However, I appreciate this can cause a bit of confusion.

But please rest assured, neither are suppliers and both would have the same outcome.

Hope this helps.

OK thanks, @QFMathew. Good to know. But I’d still consider this a “bug” of sorts, even though you’ve moved this post to “support”… wouldn’t it be possible to show unique client records in the list, without any duplicates, to avoid confusion?

What about the other point, re inconsistent use of customer vs client?

I’ll pass your feedback on to our development team so they can review it.

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