Tagging bank receipt to 2 different sources

I’m having problems tagging a bank receipt to 2 different sources. A total of £1948.00 came into the account and is made up of £550.00 rental income from a property we rent out and £1348.00 part-payment of a Customer’s invoice. I’ve already logged the £1348.00 payment on the sales invoice but the £1948.00 bank receipt is still showing as needing to be tagged in the bank account. If I tag it to ‘rental income’ it takes the entire £1948.00 as rental income. Any advice?


I think you would need to split the payment. Take a look at this:

Yes, thanks. I’ve taken the easier route. I noticed the system had already posted the Customer payment into the bank current account and I added the rental payment via the ‘Add Transaction’ tab at the top of the banking page (which I hadn’t realised you could do) and then deleted the overall paying-in amount which had automatically been posted. Thanks a lot. Tim.

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