Tagging bulk cash or cheque payments to multiple clients


I am a small Sole Trader recently converting from Spread sheet to QF with probably very typical requirements. I have found the software excellent so far, but I would like to see QF improve regarding tagging bulk cash or cheque payments from multiple clients.

There are two methods documented to facilitate the above: http://help.quickfile.co.uk/main/1/processing_split_payments_to_different_customers.htm.

For me option 1 (Split the Original Deposit) is not an option because the Bank Statement is what I check my accounts against, so I would be very reluctant to modify it.

Option 2 (Transfer to a Holding Account). This is the option I have to use because I regularly process multiple cash/cheques together and need to preserve information on the current account of the lump sum totals.

The problem is this is very manual and inefficient. I have checked with my Bank and they will not separate bulk payments (I suspect most will not).

I would like QF to be able to tag bulk payments from multiple clients as follows:

Select ‘Bulk payments from multiple clients’ transaction type.

Then I would like a list of all outstanding invoices to be displayed.

I would then like to assign payments in the normal manner, except in this case QF needs to display a running total of all assigned payments. Once the total assigned matches the original bank transaction QF should then allow the bulk bank transaction to be tagged.

This would be a much simpler and efficient method of processing bulk payments and everyone would benefit from such a feature.

Please stop everything you are working on and do this now ;-).



If I understand QF correctly I could Make a payment against an invoice, but I assume I would then have to leave the bulk payments untagged. I prefer to use the ‘Tagging’ method for Bank reconciling.

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I take the points raised here but there is a big technical limitation that would prevent this from happening. It would involve some pretty significant changes to the core accounting system which would take a lot of time and effort to implement. This is something we don’t feel is a big enough problem to prioritise right now, particularly given the fairly sharp decline in cheque usage year on year.

I think having a cheque holding account is the most convenient method, that way you can also monitor when your cheques clear. All you would do here is just tag all cheque payments as a transfer to the cheque holding account and mark any invoices as paid to this account (not the current account), the cheque holding account will then balance out at zero.

Yes, now that I understand the ‘Transfer to a Holding Account’ method better this is exactly what I need.

I did not appreciate that I could the go then go to Outstanding Invoices and mark payments as paid against the ‘Holding Account’ & this would automatically Tag them there. I just need to make sure the ‘Holding account’ balances to zero.


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Sorry Glenn, can you just briefly explain how to set up a holding account of this kind… Does it go under bank account, merchants account etc etc. There is obviously no specific option for to create a “cheque holding account” that I can see anyway. Thanks

Merchant account is fine, in fact any category will be suitable. I think previously I used the “Current account” option.

Hi, sorry to resurrect an old thread but I wonder if someone could help me here please. I am new to Quickfile and have a similar problem to the OP, however I have been banking combined cash and cheques in one deposit each week into my bank. I have set up a cheque holding account, however can’ seem to tag one deposit to both a transfer from cheque account and separate chase invoices. Is this possible or is it beyond the scope of QuickFile?

Alternatively would it just be simpler in future to deposit cash and cheques separately?

Thank you,

Paul Johnstone

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I think that when this has come up before paying in cash & cheques separately was the preferred method. Alternatively you could just do one of the options outlined here;


Personally I’d favour the holding account method, saves messing with the bank feed so it should be harder to get yourself in a mess!

Thank you Lurch :slightly_smiling: