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I have a client that has trouble paying the correct amounts so makes tagging a bit of a nightmare.
Anyway, I have just removed a few tags from a client as he’s just supplied me with a list of the correct invoices that relate to some payments.
The problem I have is that i’ve detagged some tagged items and they are still shown in green as tagged, even though when you click them they say they aren’t tagged!
Surely if i’ve untagged them they should be back to red “Untagged” ?

Hi @unclechunk

Do you have an example of where you’re seeing this please? If you refresh the page, are they still showing as tagged?

02/01/2014 payment of £456.25
13.02/2014 payment of £1057.37

Both of these shown as tagged and yet when you click them to find out where they are tagged to it says "This payment was made by ‘the company’ and has not yet been allocated to any invoice… GBP 1057.37 remains unallocated.

It’s a little confusing but the system is actually correct here. The items are tagged as payments from a customer, but those payments have not been allocated to invoices - if you look at the client’s summary page you’ll see the amount listed under “prepayments”.

If you find this client’s unpaid invoice(s) and attempt to log a payment against them you should get the option to “apply from credit”, which will take the unallocated payments and attach them to the relevant invoices.

Both of these payments have been tagged to the client’s account - they just haven’t been allocated to an invoice.

If you go to an unpaid invoice for this client, click ‘Log Payment’ and you’ll see an option to pay it from their account credit, which then allocates these payments to invoices.

Alternatively, you can detag the transaction from your bank account:

And pay the invoice as per usual from there (click ‘Tag Me!’ and assign to an invoice).

To view all the payments on the clients account, if you go to their overview (Sales > View Clients > Select the client), you can then click View > View all payments.

Or can i just detag the ones and then retag to the correct invoices and not just the client?

Yes - if you click on the ‘Tagged’ button, you’ll see the red ‘Detag transaction’ button (see my post above). This will allow you to then click ‘Tag me!’ and tag as per usual.

Hope that helps!

ok, thanks, will probably do that, at least then i can see what needs to be tagged

Yes, that would work too. De-tag and re-tag is the way to go if you care about exactly which payment applies to which invoice, the “apply from credit” approach will allocate payments in chronological order, oldest first.

ok thanks. I was just a bit concerned that i thought i’d done a detag and it wasn’t showing the detagged items as it detagged the invoices previously selected but left the client tagged so it wasn’t shown as detagged.

I’m not 100% sure about that now but i will keep an eye on it to see if thats what really happened. I presume if you detag bulk amount if invoices for a client it should detag that client as well?

If you detag a payment from the bank, it should detag from the invoice and client, even if that payment covers multiple invoices. I just tested this now and that’s what happened.

No problem. Thanks. It may have been that this was when i first started using your system and I allocated incorrectly.

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