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Tagging Euro purchase invoices to GBP Bank Account


What is the best way to deal with purchases made in Euros that are made using a GBP debit card? I have set up the purchase invoice in euros, so when I try to tag the GBP amount it doesn’t find the purchase invoice, even when I search by supplier name. I have tried going into the purchase invoice and logging the payment stating the Euro and GBP amount. The PI then shows as paid but when I go into the bank account the GBP amount still shows as untagged and I am unable to tag it.

I’m thinking that I am better off just setting up the purchase invoices with the GBP amount that has been debited from the GBP account, i.e. treating it as a GBP transaction. I am guessing that the option to set up a Euro purchase invoice is just to use for the Euro bank account transactions?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi @NickyH

As the invoice is a different currency to the bank account, logging the payment from the invoice itself would be the correct way to handle this. This will however create a duplicate transaction. You can then delete the duplicate untagged entry.

Hope that helps, but please let us know if you need further help.

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@NickyH just to let you know, we now support the tagging of non-GBP invoices from a GBP bank account. More info on that here.

Bank tagging for non-GBP invoices

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