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I have imported all transactions from my GBP current account and tried to tag one with a purchase invoice in EUR. I have already tried several options but none of them seems to give the expected results.

Option 1: Start with Enter new purchase, fill all details including payment from current account in GBP. This creates a new, double entry in the current account which was of course not on the bank statement.

Option 2: Click on Tag me on the existing record in the current account, Payment to a supplier. This displays a message No Matching Purchase Invoices, even if there is one in EUR, so had to continue with Create new invoice. I could not create any invoice in EUR, only in GBP.

Please advise. I am searching for a solution which does not require manual deletion of any record previously imported from my bank account statement.

There is no such solution, you have to log payment from the invoice side (either at creation time or later), then delete the duplicate untagged transaction. If your concern is that you want the description texts to stay as they are on the bank import then there’s nothing to stop you editing the description of the pre-tagged transaction after it has been created.

Edit: technically I suppose you could use a dummy bank account to bridge the gap, logging the euro payment from the invoice side against that account and then tagging the imported transaction as a bank transfer, but the method I suggested above would be simpler.

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@corvinn just to let you know, we now support the tagging of non-GBP invoices from a GBP bank account. I’ve provided more information on this at the following link.

Bank tagging for non-GBP invoices