Tagging foreign currency payments

I am trying to link a payment that has come into our bank account in sterling to an invoice sent to the customer in Euros.
I followed the instructions in the knowledge base to go to the original invoice an click on ‘Log Payment’.
I entered the amount paid into the bank account in GBP (772.26) and checked the ‘Pay in Full’ box. All details were entered as required and the invoice was marked as ‘Paid’.

However when I went back to the bank account another transaction had been inserted for a different amount (762.69) which appeared alongside the bank payment of £772.26. This is clearly wrong! Is there a bug here or have I made an error?


When you log as paid you need to make sure you override any GBP amount there. The amount appearing there by default will be based on the current exchange rate, which is likely to yield a different amount to that utilised by your bank.

I just checked this on a test invoice and it worked fine for me. If you delete the original entry and try again it should work fine.

Hi Glenn,

Thanks for that, it has solved the amount issue but I am still getting another entry in the bank account for exactly the same amount on the same day from the same customer!
Ie it has not linked the 2 payments. I assumed it would just mark the payment in the bank as tagged and the invoice as paid.
What am I doing wrong?

Yes it would create a separate payment on the bank. All you need to do is delete the untagged entry.

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