Tagging Large Payments (search match not finding)

I have an issue with tagging a transaction its for a couple of thousand pounds, tagging it as payment to supplier doesnt find the invoice, even changing it to 2 months still doesnt (see picture 1).

Picture 1

I can find it if i use the “pay down multiple purchases” feature, the dates for this invoice and the amounts match, yet tagging doesnt find it. (see picture 2)

Picture 2

That does look a bit odd! I’m going to send you a PM to get some further information.

OK thanks for sending through the details.

I see that the purchase invoice total does not match the deposit on the bank. However the invoice you were trying to match has a part payment, leaving a balance that does match the bank deposit.

I have to say it’s not strictly a bug as the fast match option was never originally designed to account for part paid invoices. I will see if we can enable it to do so although to work out part payments the system does a number of different lookups which I’m not sure is practical given the frequency the fast match option (Picture 1) will be hit.

Yes my bad, i am sorry, i had forgotten that this supplier usually has deposit required, which is the deducted from the final bill.

thats ok, for some reason on the purchase management screen i already thought there was a column you could turn on/off to display the outstanding amount on a purchase, i know it shows partial, but without actually opening each invoice you dont see how much is left to pay, i think i am getting my old system confused with this one, using the pay down mutiple invoices option is fine. i.e. if it aint broken dont fix it lol

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