Tagging/logging payments

As far as I can see there are at least two methods of allocating incoming client payments to invoices:

  1. Going into the invoice itself and taking the option to ‘log a payment’. Here you can record as part or fully paid and, importantly, via which method (be that cash, cheque, direct debit). Then when you select sales => view payments and view details on an invoice it will show the chosen method correctly.

  2. I have tried importing a short statement of transactions from my natwest current account into quickfile bank statement area and specifically chose an amount that I know was a cheque payment from my customer. When I tag it to the relevant invoice and look at the invoice in sales => payments area (as above), it just shows ‘bank transfer’ as the payment method, thus you loose sight of the fact it was in fact a cheque payment. This is not ideal. I like the tagging option in principal but am a bit concerned about the way the system ‘stamps’ tagged payments as bank transfer irrespective of whether it was cash or cheque anything else. Is there any work-around here?

Will it be the same with outgoing payments?

Hope you can assist on this. Thank you and regards

Tagging from the bank is there as a means to work backwards from the bank statement to create your accounting records. It doesn’t have the full set of options that you would find when manually entering invoices and logging payments as it’s primarily intended for speed. Actually the payment method has no financial bearing in Quick File, it’s just there as a reference it doesn’t alter your accounts in anyway.

We may in future allow you to change the payment method when viewing the payment, although this is not something that’s on our short-term agenda.