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Tagging new phone

Hi, what do I tag the purchase of a new phone to? It will be used for business and personal use.

Thank you

Hi @WGC , can you provide a little more information. Are you a limited company or sole trader? Is the 'phone bought in the business name and rough idea of cost.

Hi, I am a limited company. Iooking back at the receipt I seem to have used my personal name as they asked for customer details however I bought it through my business account. It cost £600.

If you are VAT registered, I would create a supplier and raise a purchase invoice for £500 plus VAT. The nominal code to use is 0030 Office equipment. The bank payment can then be tagged to the purchase invoice. If not VAT registered, then you can tag the bank payment to “something else” and choose the same nominal code with a description of " new mobile phone cost"

Thank you so much Bagpipe!

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