Tagging payments to invoices older than 6 months

Hi I’ve been a bit slow on tagging my invoices via the bank feed, so now when I go to tag them it doesn’t seem to go back further than 6 months on the bank feed. Is there a way to change this or do I just need to keep more up to date going forward. If I can’t tag them this way as I was too late, should I just log payment via the invoice and then delete the bank feed showing the payment?

Hi @Jabula_Stretch_Tents

Do you know what client or supplier that the transaction relates to? If so, you can use the “Pay down multiple invoices” option which would look at a wider period but specific to a client or supplier.

If that’s not the case, what you suggested would work - log payment from the invoice and delete the transaction that came in from the feed.

Brilliant thanks, that works.

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