Tagging purchases from UK non-VAT supplier

I bought an item from a UK supplier on eBay. The transaction in PayPal shows £24.99 and VAT of £0.00 so I assume the seller is small and not VAT registered.
When I use the receipt hub, I should enter the value as £24.99 and set the VAT to £0.00, correct?

Hi @Magicbean

That sounds correct :slight_smile:

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Although what PayPal and eBay say regarding VAT is usually complete nonsense. I’d check with the supplier directly before assuming. I’ve had issues both ways, with VAT companies not mentioning this in eBay and companies saying they are VAT registered but not sending out VAT invoices. Another reason to use reputable suppliers for business and not eBay.

@Lurch Good tip. I did try to contact the seller but there appears to be no way of contacting them - eBay says they have too many unanswered mails! I have emailed the seller directly but I suspect nothing will happen. I’ll just forego the VAT.

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