Tagging / Reconciliation


We currently Z out end of the day on a daily basis which takes into account cash and pdq sales.

We bank hand cash on a weekly basis

We import the bank transactions which show the Daily PDQ credits and weekly Cash credits

Eg epos
M pdq £100 Cash £120 = £220 ZOut
T pdq 110 Cash £100 = £210 ZOut
W pdq £80 Cash £100 = £180 ZOut
Etc, etc

Bank Statement
M pdq £100
T pdq £110
W pdq £80

Weekly Mon to Wed £320

What we need to do is tag the daily Bank PDQ against the PDQ Sales entries on the invoice and weekly Bank Cash credits against the cash entries of the sales invoices eg collate all cash entries on the invoices to total the weekly cash bank entries.

How can this be done?

Hope this makes sense


Firstly you need a dedicated bank account in QuickFile to handle the PDQ gross transactions (create a new merchant account to do this), it’s from there that you would allocate that PDQ totals to the invoices.

In terms of tagging if you’re raising one invoice per day with cash + pdq totals on separate lines you would tag the PDQ total let’s say £100 for Monday, select payment to a customer, locate the customer name (e.g. generic sales or however you’ve called the client you’re raising the invoices against) and then select “Pay down multiple invoices…”. You can then allocate the partial PDQ payment to the invoice. You can then do the same from the cash account.

When you’re PDQ merchant providers remit payment to your current account you can tag this as a transfer to the PDQ merchant account.

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