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Tagging Refunds

Firstly end of year accounts make me want to pull my hair out…
Secondly hello :slight_smile: I may be in a state of brain fry so excuse me if this question is basic.
Amazon Prime charged me £7.99 x6 when I hadn’t signed up and then refunded it back into the account.
How do I tag the payments that left my bank account and the payments refunded back in, please?
Thanks all, happy weekend

Set Amazon up as a supplier, and flag the 7.99 x 6 as a purchase (might be easier with 6 separate invoices dated for each transaction), tagging the bank transactions to the invoice(s), then the refund transaction you can simply tag as a refund from the supplier.

If the whole saga (charges and refund) fell within a single accounting year then it won’t affect your accounts at all, you could just tag the payments as transfers to your drawings/DL account and the refund as a transfer back the other way.

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