Tagging Rules : Add the Notes field?

Tagging works great, but I use the Notes field a lot (the speech bubble next to the mag glass) to identify each payment.

Some of these are identical.
So I have to manually enter “Payment for PC Managed Services” over and over in some cases.

Is it possible to incorporate this field into the Tagging setup?

… or, yet again, am i missing something :slight_smile:

Kind regards

Hi @bertie40

It’s not something I believe has come up before, but I’m not sure how this could fit in with the bank tagging rules.

When you create a transaction (whether this is manual, from a feed or from an import), it looks at the tagging rules and pairs them up there and then. The notes would need to be added after the transaction has been created.

The information you store in the notes, is this something that could be recorded in the description field?

Thanks for the reply.

Sorry for being dense, but where is the description field ?

Sorry - it’s called the ‘Reference’ field with bank transactions. This is limited to 100 characters, but you’d be surprised what you can add there :slight_smile:

You can search this field from the advanced search: