Tagging sales when using Square

I have just changed banks to Santander so I can link to Quickfile - All working fine. I also use Square to take some payments over the phone. Square then sends the payment to my bank which is brought into quickfile. All good.
Square takes 2.5% charge before sending to my bank so the amount shown in quickfile does not match the invoice and I can’t tag it.
What is the simplest way to cope with this so I can still tag items, and the bank charge noted?
At present I cant match so it makes it more difficult to let my customer know that his sale has gone through. Any help please.

This is the basic principle - create a bank account to represent money you’ve taken via square but not yet been paid out.

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Deleted, Ian beat me to it,


Thank you both, I understand how to do this now and will sort it out when I have a minute.
Keep up the good work Quickfile

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