Tagging transactions from statement not affecting the balance

I am using the statement import feature for the first time.

For the items that I haven’t entered previously, I have tagged them and created new suppliers etc

However, after I have tagged these statements, and on the respective invoices, it says that the transaction has been paid by the respective bank account, but this is not reflected in my bank account balance. Therefore when I come to reconcile this statement, the numbers are out.

Any advice on what I am doing wrong would be greatly received.

That sounds odd? If you tag from the bank then it’s only creating an invoice and linking the payment on the bank to that invoice, it wouldn’t create anything new. Do you have specific examples, that we can look at? You can send me a private message on the forum if you prefer, just go into my profile and you’ll see a private message button.

Thanks for responding Glenn. I have 3 examples in my Natwest business account statement view. They all have valid invoices created and payments linked to the account. However, none of them are showing a balance.

I tried going into your profile to send a direct message and give you more specifics, but couldn’t see a button anywhere.

Where should I be looking?

You mean on the invoice preview the balance is zero?

No, in the statement import screen.

After I have imported the statement and tagged the transactions. Ones that I have had to tag and create transactions for in the statement screen have a “–” in the balance instead of showing the correct balance.

Within the bank statement, only the end of day balances are shown, just like on a typical bank statement. We don’t show the balance for every line on the bank statement.

Thanks for clearing that up Glen. I have it all sorted now. I had a duplicate transaction that was causing confusion. Working fine now and reconciled.

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