Tagging transfers from Paypal to main bank account

I assume that when tagging transfers to/from Paypal in the main current bank account, they should automatically link to the relevant transaction in the paypal account, and tag that side of the transaction as well. When I have tried this, some have linked automatically but others have not. So when tagging the latter, it creates a new transaction in the paypal account instead of tagging the relevant transaction.

Has anyone else had this problem?

You should tag any transaction once from either paypal or bank account with nominals , any movement between bank account should be staged as interbank transfer

Thanks for your response. I understand what you are saying, but when making the interbank transfer, should the transaction be linked automatically?. I have found that some are and some are not. When they are not, the staging creates a new transaction, thereby duplicating it.

When interbank transfer is created in one bank say paid out from one bank, it automatically creates a paid in entry for another bank.

I have started having this problem the last couple of days, when I tag money that I am transferring from my paypal account to my bank account it normally shows me that there is the same amount in my bank account and you just link the two, this has now stopped working

The system will prompt you to link the transactions only if they occur on the same date.

It matches by amount and date so if those transfers are showing as leaving PayPal on one day and reaching your current account on another day there will be no prompt. In that case just delete the untagged duplicate.