Tagging two payments to single invoice

I have a customer that has paid two separate amounts against the invoice I raised. Is it possible to tag two payments against a single invoice?


Yes, this certainly is possible :slight_smile:

If when you’re tagging the invoice, click on the “Pay down multiple or hold on account” button in the bottom right, you can select the invoice(s) the payment applies to.

This option works when the payment is for a different value to an invoice (e.g. a partial or over-payment), or when paying down multiple invoices, too.

I guess the money is in your bank account. So, open your bank account in quickfile and look for the transaction. Click tag me. You will see

Click Payment froma customer
and you will see

Click Pay down multiple invoices or assign to a client account
and you will see
Write your client/customers name / company name in that field

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