Tagging verification deposits

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How do I record account verification deposits? The amount is minor, around 50p and was refunded instantly. But how to I record this within QF? - I looked on the community and found the following support article but it keeps saying ‘oops, that page doesn’t exist or is private’.


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If it’s the same amount coming in and going straight back out again and you’re not making any profit on it then I’d just create a dummy bank account, and tag the money in and out respectively as transfers from and to the dummy account.

@QFMathew - Could you advise me on the official guidance for this please? - The link above doesn’t work :frowning:

@ian_roberts - Thanks for your comment Ian! :slight_smile:

Hi @Oliver_Nash

The link above, I’d imagine is outdated by now as I think this would have linked through to our old forums from 2013. I will however check with a colleague to see what was there previously and come back to you.

Hi @QFMathew - Do you have an update on this?

Hi @Oliver_Nash

Apologies for the delay. I believe my colleague was looking into this. I’ve asked for an update and will come back to you.

@Oliver_Nash here is the original guidance from the archived forum:

Tag the items to miscellaneous income with no VAT:

  1. Click the ‘Tag Me!’ to tag the deposit.
  1. Then select ‘Something else not on this list’ .
  1. Enter ‘Miscellaneous Income’ for the 'Post to Account.
  1. Enter ‘Paypal Verification Deposit’ as the ‘Description’.
  1. Finally, click ‘Save’ to save the entry.

I hope that helps.

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Though in your case the dummy bank account approach makes more sense as it sounds like you’re not keeping the money (“and was refunded instantly”). You could tag both the incoming deposit and the refund to the same “something not on the list”, it’d have the same net effect - i.e. zero.

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