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Tax Account authorisation expired?

I logged in to do my vat returns and I got the following message: Tax Account authorisation may have expired. Please try to remove the existing link and reconnect on the [HMRC Connect page].

Before I go ahead and reconnect, is that anything to worry about? Why has this happened? I just want to check I won’t lose any information.

This is normal - the access token that authorises QuickFile to interact with HMRC on your behalf expires after 18 months, and you must disconnect and then reconnect to grant a new token for the next 18 months. This has hit a lot of people recently, including me, I guess because this is the first return after the 18 month point from when MTD first came in.

One thing that does seem critical is that you must disconnect your existing tax account authorisation before going through the “connect” cycle again - many people have had trouble with this and it usually turns out they’ve gone through the connect process one or more times but didn’t first disconnect the old account, so they end up with several different accounts connected at the Reports -> HMRC page.

How do I “disconnect all accounts from that page to completely empty the table”?

Use the “view” link at the right hand side of each row, that takes you to the page with a “disconnect” button on it.