Tax summary - add backs NOT increasing taxable profit?

Dear Quickfile team,

thanks for all your excellent development work!
I was hoping you could clarify something that has been bugging me since you released the tax summary report:

in the example you used, shouldn’t the add back amount of £781.75 increase the NET profit to give a new taxable profit of £120,641.37 + £781.75 = £121 423.12 ?

I may be wrong but I believe there is a formula error in the tax summary - I get to the same conclusion when I try to estimate the taxable profit of my own ltd company.

It would be great to hear your thoughts.
Kind regards,

Thank you for the additional information here, it does look like something is going a miss there.

I’ve referred this to a developer to be looked at and I will report back as soon as we’ve had a chance to review.

This should be working as intended now with the add-backs increasing the taxable profits and corresponding CT estimate.

I apologise for the delay getting this fixed, you caught us just on Friday afternoon and I couldn’t allocate the time needed to get this looked at properly.

Please let me know if anything else crops up.


Hi Glenn,
thanks for the fix, it looks good to me now.

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