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I am new to Quickfile and I am a self employed bookkeeper. I am trying to set up a new client on Quickfile. So we can both use Quickfile and she can download Paypal and the bank statements do I just set them up as a team member? If we both use Quickfile are there any charges incurred? Or do I set itup as multi user if that’s possible? Sorry I normally use QuickBooks but thought I would give this a go.
thank you

You can set her up as team member

We have a dedicated application called Quick File Affinity for multi-users. This allows you to manage multiple Quick File accounts under one login. You can do as you suggested and have you and your client registered as team members to the same account, although you can only have one email linked to one account, without using Affinity.

Affinity will also remove any of our own advertised consultancy services and allow you to set your own colour theme and logo for every managed account.

You can find a more detailed explanation of Affinity here.

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