Tenant -> Agent -> Landlord book keeping

OK. Quite a simple query and I’m sure there are many ways of doing this but …

I have created

  • a number of “Clients” (my Properties)
  • A set of recurring invoices for each client (property) for the expected rent.
    (I have done this as some are managed by and agent and some are not so wanted some consistency in how the income was shown)
  • I have also then created a smaller number of Suppliers (my Agents)

Question: (Example)

  • I rasied an invoice for £1000 for the rent on Property1 (Client1)
  • I created a Supplier Purchase invoice for £100 (management fees)
  • I receive income in my bank account of £900.
  • I was hoping to just allocate the £900 to the £1000 invoice and the £100 Purchase.

But I’ve now got myself all mixed up and a bit lost. Started making Supplier (agent) bank accounts and tried posting the bank transaction into it and then tried applying the invoice to the Supplier Bank.

Suffice to say …

How do others do this.

(Note I am a Ltd company and therefore cannot operate the “Landlord” style of account)

Hello @SystemsModellingLtd

You can use a holding account to record the invoice being paid in full.

  • Create a new bank account/merchant account “Landlord Holding Account” in the banking window

  • Pay off the £1000 invoice using this account.

  • Create your supplier invoice for the fee and pay it using the holding account.


  • Create a new Money Out transaction on the holding account for £900 and tag the new transaction as a transfer to your current account.


*Note If you have a bank feed which already imported the £900 into your bank delete just tag this as a transfer from the holding account instead of doing the last step


Excellent. Its worked like a charm.

Now my additional question would be can I create Recurring PURCHASES ?

Hello @SystemsModellingLtd

You can, just make sure it is turned on in Account Settings > Advanced Features > Optional Features tab

This article will help - Recurring purchase profiles

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Boom! You did it agan. :exploding_head:

This program/app is great.
Thanks for the response and keep up the good work. :+1:

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