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Is there any test accounts that we can use for GoCardless as we are doing some API testing at the moment via QF?

Hi @ryansb

There are no test accounts, but I can’t see there being an issue in creating a second account purely for testing purposes

Hi @QFMathew

Apologies, I meant from the GoCardless side so we can enter test bank account numbers etc. Do you know anyway to do this?

Hi @ryansb

I believe there are test details you can use, but you would need to check the GoCardless web site for these. They also offer a sandbox environment for you to test with too.

Just pulled this from the GC docs:

When you’re preparing your integration in the sandbox, you’ll need to make test payments to ensure that everything is working. For this, you can use our special sample bank details - these will only work in the sandbox:

Account number : 55779911

Sort code : 20-00-00

Even if you use your own bank details, no real money ever changes hands when you’re using the sandbox.

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Thanks @QFMathew :slight_smile:

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