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Thank you to quickfile developers

This post is just thank you to quick file developers i have been under charging myself before now because of the way i was creating invoices, and my books where not the best but surprisingly the profit loss feature on here for last year says i was only out a slight bit using my very basic way.

However you are now meaning i can keep track of loads of stuff and make my accounting and invoices a millions times better, and the best thing is it is free i had been looking to move to one of the paid cloud ones but it might not be perfect but time will improve it and just now it is very good software oh i did trail some of the other cloud one and one thing quickfile has over them is it user interface it miles better and friendly.

Maybe have a way to do affiliation or professional link to advertise quickfile from your own sites?

I am still learning the software but i have got the hang of most of it now so thank you to the community to

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Thanks you for your positive words, I will pass this on to the developers!