The Natwest bank feed is not connecting to my QuickFile account

I have tried to usethe bank feed several time to no avail. It seems to be installed ok. It has been enabled and the banner is on my NatWest site but it cannot connect to Quick File

When you say it cannot connect to QuickFile is it showing any particular error message?

Export Failed
There was a problem reaching the Quick File Server. Please try again later. error

I use F-Secure anti virus which includes bank protection if this might cause the problem. I can access the bank ok from the feed icon on Chrome and the button is present on my bank site but both produce the error. There is no problem down loading the CSV file to my PC and saving and uploading that way.

After the error comes up if you press F12 you should see some error message in red, I think you may need to expand them first by clicking the following icon.

If you have any other Chrome extension running I would recommend disabling it and retrying, it could be something is blocking the communication?

Failed to load resource: net::ERR_BAD_SSL_CLIENT_AUTH_CERT

I had to end Bank Secure from F-Secure and it then went through ok

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Great, thanks for letting us know. I’m sure it will be useful for other encountering similar problems.

Just a note of caution. I’ve been on Quickfile for just over 12 months. I had a NATWEST bank feed set up and working well for a couple of months and then had a contact from the fraud department at the bank.
They told me that I had to disable the feed and change my security or they would close my account for breach of terms and conditions.
I’m not aware that this has changed.
If it has, I’d be grateful for information.

I replied to your same question in December here.

The Chrome Plugin doesn’t require you to disclose your login credentials to any 3rd party, it’s really nothing more than a macro, I don’t see why Natwest would have a problem with this.

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