The new "VOTE" button

Recently a new option has been introduduced so that we have the option to “VOTE” for a particular feature, but there isn’t a list of candidates, OK that’s “politicians” and all that stuff.

After looking at postings to “VOTE” there should also be an option to mark your paper as “NO” so that the referendums are a fair gathering of views of users on this forum.

Hi @alan_mcbrien

Thanks for the suggestion!

The “Vote” option is actually a feature available as part of the forum software, Discourse. While we haven’t made this ourselves, it’s certainly possible to extend the code to add a “No” option. This would however come with a cost attached.

As with all feature requests however, we’ll leave this open for others to add their votes and comments.

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Whilst I agree democratically I think that would just confuse matters technically as most people here are not computer savvy at all and “forums” and “buttons” seem to be a step too far for some. I think you would find it would unfairly weight the “no” responses on most topics.

After receiving your reasoning for the way the “Vote” button works then I would prefer to withdraw this feature request.

If a particular feature request would create a detrimental situation to a user working within QF then the option to develop that argument by replying to such postings is quite sufficient, but also the fact that of the additional cost with Discourse doubles the reasoning for withdrawing this post.

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