The Payroll site and Smart pension adjustment


I have imported the payroll journal from The Payroll site, however the payment that has left the bank is 0.02p more. I have worked out this is due to Smart Pension rounding up and The payroll site down.

How can I adjust this in Quickfile please?

Thank you.

Personally I don’t know how you would because both payroll site and smart pension should match.

Otherwise your either under paying employee pension or under reporting pension to hmrc.

With most auto enrollment companies you can override their automatic calculation and round up the contributions to match your payroll software.

That way you don’t have this problem or the one I mentioned above.

Hi Paul

That is a very good point, one that I hadn’t considered. This is only my second month of payroll though.

I will get on to smart pension and find out how to adjust their end.

Thanks for your reply.

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