The Receipt Hub - missing elements

Is any chance that QF will support any other “cloud”?

Google Drive
One Drive
FTP servers

I have filling like QF stops a year ago…

I can’t still automatically transfer prepayments to unpaid invoices! Make my work twice harder!

I’ve created a tool you can use to push receipts into QuickFile from Google Drive:

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Hello @Adam_Domagala1

There are other feature request threads for specific solutions (like Google drive - Integration with Google Drive?).

Supporting more integrations like this does create additional overheads, especially when the API changes or there are additional restrictions for example.

We do however have an open API and an app market place. If any one wanted to build an app to do this, we’d happily support it and help with any QuickFile API queries.

In the meantime, @ian_roberts’ solution works quite nicely.

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