The total turnover of my invoices doesn't match with Profit and Loss Report

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I have looked at my Profit and Loss Report / Chart of Nominal Accounts report and Custom report. The total turnover is the same in all of the reports but it does’t match with the total turnover of my invoices for the same time frame. In my previous financial years the numbers matched.
Why do I have different total turnover figures from the reports compared to my invoices???


Do you have any journals that might be affecting it? Or are any of your invoices set to use balance sheet codes rather than P&L codes? Or are you looking at VAT-inclusive invoice totals (the P&L and similar reports are always ex-VAT)?

Thanks for your reply.
Yes I was messing with the Year End Journals, I don’t really understand what it does. I have tried to delete it, but it won’t let me to do that. If I try to edit delete the entries and add empty entries it won’t let me save it. Is it a way to completely delete it???


I have manged to delete the Year End Journals, but that didn’t fix it. That’s strange that I have different total turnover figures from the reports compared to my invoices.
I am not VAT registered
What about money on a Client account? Even If I add the money from clients accounts it still wouldn’t match the total turnover from the reports.

Hi @patrick797,

If you would like one of the support team to take a look at your account then please send a message to @QFSupport with your QuickFile account number and the figures you expect to see

If you’re reading the total from the invoice management screen (i.e. the list of all your invoices) do you have any invoices for that period that are archived?

The invoice totals there will be grouped for “Active” and “Archived” status


Also in addition to Journals you can have items directly tagged from the bank to one of the sales nominal codes that could also account for the difference. If you drill down on the total from the P&L or COA you should be able to see those entries in the list.

Thank you Glenn
Yes, I had 6 invoices archived which shouldn’t be. I edited a few invoices and the date changed.
I would find easier to have archive organised by year (financial year)
Anyway, thank you very much. The numbers match, it’s all good now.


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Were any of your invoices paid by credit card? If so the amount of income into your bank account for these transactions is minus the card fee.

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