Thousand/decimal separator


Is it possible to define thousand/decimal separator by invoice style? European clients expect commas to separate the decimal and stops for thousands.

e.g. 1.000,00 is one thousand Euros.

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Hi @benjamingoodson

It’s not actually possible at the moment, but I agree this should be supported.

I’ve moved this to “planned” and will log it with our developers.

Can I just ask are you raising EUR invoices for these clients? I am wondering if we can allow for specific formats to be keyed against the currency rather than the invoice template? This will make it possible to specify which numbering format to use dependent on the currency of the invoice.

Hi Glen
Yes that’s right. Being able to define this ‘per currency’ would be great solution.

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Ok we’ve planned a new feature request for this and will update you when it goes live.

I’m pleased to say that this feature is now live. We decided to assign the numeric format option at the client level. The currency level approach is not ideal as some countries such as Ireland use comma separators for large number grouping.

So if you want to give this a try you can go into any client detail view and click Modify Client Details.


You’ll then find an option to set the number format. We may also consider other formatting options later based on user suggestions.



Thanks so much! Truly great service