Tide.co - Business Bank Accounts Integration

Rather like the look of this Tide.co Business Banking, they seem to be of the same mind as yourselves for technology and value.

Given there’s an API, what are the chances of a similar integration to the traditional banks?

(obviously I’m aware of the file import options)

Thanks for considering it and creating your own great product!

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Hi @Marcus_Quinn

Thank you for your suggestion (and the positive feedback!)

We use Yodlee to pull in transactions from the banks. I’ve done a check with Yodlee, and I can’t see it on the supported list at the moment.

However, I can certainly pass this to Yodlee for them to consider and see what happens from there :slight_smile:

Cool, I posted on their forum too, to champion the cause:

Thank you kindly

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Hi @Marcus_Quinn

Just a quick message to let you know that we’ve just launched a feed for Tide. You can find more details here:

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This is amazing! Thanks for getting this implemented so quickly. How does it work with multi account tide accounts? I’m not quite at that stage yet but will be soon.

You can select which bank account you want to link once your account has been connected. It’s shown in point 6 in the guide I linked to above.

Let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

Probably should have finished reading the guide… :slight_smile:

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