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Time and Item totals - excludes VAT


I have had a few customers report back to me that the totals under the time and items do not add up to the total of the invoice, nor do they add up to the total of the time or items listed. I have discovered that this is a total excluding VAT, while the individual time and items totals are including VAT. Hopefully you can follow that!

Is this by design, or can we show these totals including VAT or remove them altogether?



Hi @NeilYoung

I agree this is confusing. I’ve logged this as a bug for now and asked for our development team to update it.


Thanks, glad you followed my description of the problem! Personally, I would be happy if it showed the totals including VAT.


Hi @NeilYoung

Just wanted to let you know that we’ve released an update which should correct this.

Would you mind checking and letting me know this is all OK please?


Yes, all working. Perfect! Thanks again.


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