Time frame / progress on Year End Accounts order

Could you tell me what the normal time frame is for a set of small, limited company accounts to be prepared through your year end service? Is there an automated way to check detailed progress towards their completion?

The service information page suggested it typically takes one to two weeks, so long as all requested information is in place. However, we currently have an order from 9th April which is still awaiting fulfilment. Yesterday, I sent a message through the message / support ticket system asking about this; it has been read though not yet answered.

As we have received a notice from companies house reminding us that they have not yet received our accounts, and they are due by 3rd June, I want to ensure that our order has not got stuck in the system somewhere.

Many thanks.

We monitor all cases daily and prioritise each individual case in order of the accounts due date. Occasionally we’ll get people placing orders within 3-5 days of the due date (this has been happening frequently of late) so we need to reallocate resources to deal with these and this can push back other cases that aren’t due imminently.

I’ve asked @Joe to get in touch with you to provide an update and hopefully move this forward.

Hi @MDuddington,

I’ve sent you an internal message to confirm.


@Glenn @Joe Many thanks for following up on this and for your explanation as to the delay. Problem solved.

Maybe some kind of rough indication as to the place of an order in the priority queue would be a feature to consider adding?

Thank you for the suggestion, we have been discussing possible options and a queuing system was one of the options we are contemplating.

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