Time Logging for my Graphic Design Company

Is there any plan to have a Time tracking facility? I have always been on Iphone/Ipad but recently switched to a google Nexus 5, great phone and some good Android and Apple apps out there but none that fit the bill for me.

I have various clients and they have multiple jobs each. Often switching between, several times a day! Currently I use a no longer supported bit of software on the mac which works well, is doable, I copy across and paste the info into Quickfile, line by line, invoice by invoice! An integrated solution would be great if ever this is something you could do.

Either online based or via a phone/ipad app that syncs up with quickfile. My main problem is that I do these various jobs throughout the day but I have no overall record of hours spent PER DAY and PER WEEK. That along with easy input into Quickfile would be an excellent feature! Some form of graphical display as a chart would also be good as a quick glance.


It is something we’re planning to do, I don’t have any fixed time frame on this but I’d recommend adding your vote and following the thread below: