Time records

I saw a previous post that mentioned Zapier integrating Toggl with QF. Just wondering if anyone uses this and how they use it and if it works well. What I need to do is record my time spent on projects for my own record to compare time spent against fee charged to make sure that future projects are priced properly.

I need something relatively straight foward to use and cost effective! It doesn’t particularly need to integrate with QF.

Any recommendations will be gratefully received.

Hi @kba

I’m not aware of anything that directly links with QuickFile, but perhaps Clockify may be worth a look?


Out of interest, what sort of link would you be looking for with QuickFile? What data etc.?

Hi Mathew,

If it did link with QF the only info I’d need integrated would be my fee invoiced (not expenses) and project reference -as I’m looking to get a better idea of time spent vs client fees invoiced.

My only thought in integrating with QF is that’s a system that I already use and visit on a regular basis. I didn’t want a whole extra system to have to remember to visit on a regular basis!